RD-W365CPE Wireless Bridge


RD-W365CPE Wireless Bridge


  •  Excellent performance ,Signals Transmit Farther
  • Flexible Wireless Switch
  • The Intelligent Management of the Radio Frequency
  • Energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Dip-switch button design,  easy to deployment

Excellent performance ,Signals Transmit Farther 

Wireless adopts high performance network processor unit, high performance wireless power amplifier (PA) and receiver (LNA), multilevel filter and amplify, therefore ,signal is good, good through walls, high transmission rate, intelligent GOS algorithm, it can guarantee a good signal, speed is fast

Flexible Wireless Switch 

Wireless access point support Fat/Fit two kinds of working mode, it can switch flexible according two of their own usage. When the wireless network scale is small, the AP can use Fat mode independent network organization directly; when in the large scale wireless network, the AP number increased, it can switch to Fit mode and co-use with AC, then realize the  unified management and control of AP, achieve better wireless coverage

The Intelligent Management of the Radio Frequency 

Wireless access point provide automatic power and channel adjustment function. Optimize the radio frequency efficiency through proprietary frequency detection chip and RF management algorithm. When the AP signal effected by the strong signal interference, it automatically switch suitable working channel, avoid jamming signal, switch communication bandwidth, optimize the radio path ,ensure the smooth network.

In some Plubic places, Electric power,Telecommunications, Sea ports , Oil Fields ,there will be get limitation and long network cable project of complex operation work cause of some special geographical environment such as mountain, open space . even some difficulties cannot solve it. With the development of science and technology , the advanced computer multimedia and network technology which gives the video monitoring system more abundant function and reliable quality. Using visual audio, wireless data transmission equipment can get rid of the shackles of cable, it show the advantages of short installation period, easy maintenance, expansion ability, quickly cost-recovering . Especially, with the rapid development of spread spectrum and wireless local area network(LAN) technology, it break through the bottleneck of transmission capacity, and make further development in the area of the visual ,audio, data wireless transmission integration of application.

Energy efficiency and environmental protection

It use low power consumption, high performance design, RF index, radiation index all fully meet the national standards.  Support dynamic MIMO power saving mode and automatic saving electricity transmission  ( APSD),  intelligent identification terminal actual performance requirements, reasonable allocate terminal dormancy queue, Dynamic adjust two-way power between AP and client sides, in order to achieve reducing energy consumption of the equipment

Easy installation

In some remote network connections, use the wireless bridge, it can save trench line, installation will be more quickly and flexibly . wireless is  way is very simple , low cost without investment precipitation———device can move and repeated use

Simple installation and maintenance 

Support the IEEE802.3at power supply , convenient installation and deployment , simplify construction,  standard protocol is safe and reliable, and it support DC power supply at the same time

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