Remote Controller


Remote Controller
Benefits :

  • Controls full range of Z-Wave certified products
  • λ Simple and comprehensive user’s interface
  • λ No internet connection required
  • λ Accessible to anyone anywhere in your houseλ

Technical Specification: 

  • 100% Z-Wave compliantλ
  • Easy to configure
  • λ  Works with Z-Wave enabled devices such as
  • Thermostat
  • Door lock (AES 128 data, encryption)
  • Window Drapes/Blinds/Shades
  • Dimmer
  • Switches
  • Most split type air conditioners (via Remotec IR extender)
  • Max. 12 scenes
  • λ  Supports multi-channel devices
  • λ  Support “Scan Device” feature
  • λ  Support configuration common class
  • λ  Dimensions: 161(L)*52(W)*15(H)mm
  • λ  Power sources: 4*AAA batterie
  • sλ  Frequency:λ EU & UK: 868.4MHz; US/Canada: 908.4MHz; AU: 921.4MHz
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