TZ77 RGB Dimmer Module


TZ77 RGB Dimmer Module

Models :

  • 868.42MHz(EU),
  • 908.42MHz(US),
  • 921.42MHz(AU,NZ)


Technical Specification
Voltage DC12V
Controllable Z-Wave Group 1
Adopt Z-Wave 500 series chip  
Load type RGB Dimmer LED
Operation range up to 130 feet line of sight
Dimension 47.5*39*15.6mm

It in a transceiver which is a Z-Wave enabled device and is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network. Z-Wave enabled devices displaying the Z-Wave logo can also be used with it regardless of the manufacturer, and ours can also be used in other manufacturer’s Z-Wave enabled networks. Remote on/off control of the connected load is possible with other manufacturer’s Wireless Controller. Each module is designed to act as a repeater. Repeaters will re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots.

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